2 x Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 - SNMW Config - LQN0443141

  • Part: 2060660
  • Model: 7X02CTO1WW-DDQ403025V1-Config2


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7X02CTO1WW: Genetec SNMW Server : ThinkSystem SR630 - 3yr Warranty; Quantity: 2
AUW1: ThinkSystem SR630 2.5" Chassis with 10 Bays; Quantity: 2
AWEE: Intel Xeon Silver 4110 8C 85W 2.1GHz Processor; Quantity: 4
AUU1: ThinkSystem 8GB TruDDR4 2666 MHz (1Rx8 1.2V) RDIMM; Quantity: 24
AUW9: ThinkSystem SR630/SR570 2.5" AnyBay 10-Bay Backplane; Quantity: 2
2212: Storage devices - Custom RAID Configuration; Quantity: 2
AUNG: ThinkSystem RAID 530-8i PCIe 12Gb Adapter; Quantity: 2
AUUQ: ThinkSystem 2.5" PM863a 240GB Entry SATA 6Gb Hot Swap SSD; Quantity: 4
B0Z1: ThinkSystem 2.5" Intel S4500 1.92TB Entry SATA 6Gb Hot Swap SSD; Quantity: 4
AUWC: ThinkSystem SR530/SR570/SR630 x8/x16 PCIe LP+LP Riser 1 Kit; Quantity: 2
AUWQ: Lenovo ThinkSystem 1U LP+LP BF Riser Bracket; Quantity: 2
AUKH: ThinkSystem 1Gb 4-port RJ45 LOM; Quantity: 2
AUZW: ThinkSystem I350-T4 PCIe 1Gb 4-Port RJ45 Ethernet Adapter; Quantity: 4
AVWA: ThinkSystem 750W (230/115V) Platinum Hot-Swap Power Supply; Quantity: 4
6570: 2.0m, 13A/100-250V, C13 to C14 Jumper Cord; Quantity: 4
AUPW: ThinkSystem XClarity Controller Standard to Enterprise Upgrade; Quantity: 2
B0MJ: Feature Enable TPM 1.2; Quantity: 2
AXCB: ThinkSystem Toolless Slide Rail Kit with 1U CMA; Quantity: 2
AUX4: MS 1U Service Label LI; Quantity: 2
AUX0: ThinkSystem Package for SR630; Quantity: 2
AUWG: Lenovo ThinkSystem 1U VGA Filler; Quantity: 2
AUW3: Lenovo ThinkSystem Mainstream MB - 1U; Quantity: 2
AVWJ: ThinkSystem 750W Platinum RDN PSU Caution Label; Quantity: 2
AVEN: ThinkSystem 1x1 2.5" HDD Filler; Quantity: 12
B173: Companion Part for XClarity Controller Standard to Enterprise Upgrade in Factory; Quantity: 2
AUW7: ThinkSystem SR630 4056 Fan Module; Quantity: 4
AUTQ: ThinkSystem small Lenovo Label for 24x2.5"/12x3.5"/10x2.5"; Quantity: 2
AULP: ThinkSystem 1U CPU Heatsink; Quantity: 4
AURR: ThinkSystem M3.5 Screw for Riser 2x2pcs and SR530/550/558/570/590 Planar 5pcs;Quantity: 4
AVWK: ThinkSystem EIA Plate with Lenovo Logo; Quantity: 2
AUX3: ThinkSystem SR630 Model Number Label; Quantity: 2
AUWL: Lenovo ThinkSystem 1U LP Riser Dummy; Quantity: 2
AUTA: XCC Network Access Label; Quantity: 2
AWF9: ThinkSystem Response time Service Label LI; Quantity: 2
AVJ2: ThinkSystem 4R CPU HS Clip; Quantity: 4
AUTC: ThinkSystem SR630 Lenovo Agency Label; Quantity: 2
AUWF: Lenovo ThinkSystem Super Cap Holder Dummy; Quantity: 2
AWGE: ThinkSystem SR630 WW Lenovo LPK; Quantity: 2
B0ML: Feature Enable TPM on MB; Quantity: 2
AUTJ: ThinkSystem common Intel Label; Quantity: 2
B2WM: SR630 10x2.5" BP Cable Kit for 8i; Quantity: 2
AVKG: ThinkSystem SR630 MB to 10x2.5" HDD BP NVME cable; Quantity: 2
NEWRAD: Placeholder- Custom RAID; Quantity: 2